Please find my credits listed below.

Year Show As Notes
2014 Polyester Lordship Nimesh Theatre of Devas and New End Theatre
2014 Ego of the Yogis Bill Wright Theatre of the Devas and New End Theatre
2013 Andromache Pyrrhus Michael Friend Productions
2013 Trust Asher Hart The Cokesford Company
2013 Followed Cobb Dimensions
2012 Making the Essay Professor King's College
2011 Fanny's First Play Count O'Dowda/Mr Gilbey Michael Friend Productions
2011 My Beautiful Laundrette Papa ATS
2010 Nudes in Tartan Kaybal Nahar Palm Tree Films
2010 Gaslight Jack Manningham Michael Friend Productions
2010 Private Fears in Public Places Ambrose Michael Friend Productions
2010 Widower's Houses Cokane Michael Friend Productions
2010 The Fastest Clock in the Universe Captain Tock Ali Anderson Dyer
2009 On the Rocks Sir Jaffna Michael Friend Productions
2005 World's Apart Vincent Spanner in the Works
2005 GCHQ recruitment Linguist Film@59
2004 Richard II Green/Exton Logos Theatre Company
2004 Party at Albany Lord Byron Rocio Productions
2004 Sting Tony Metto Productions
2003 Cultural Menace Ralf Metto Productions